Shree Laxmi Higher Secondary School
Shree Laxmi Higher Secondary School
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This school was established in B.S 2003 with special identity in the field of education in Gorkha District. This is the third education institution in this district. This school, situated in Gaikhur VDC (formally Kamdhenu VDC) of Gorkha District, was running as a language school. Mr. Yam Prasad Koirala, a resident of ward no. 6 is the founder of Principle of this school. This school was transfer here from Bandipur of Tanahu District under his leadership.

In 2021 B.S. 100% students who attended for School Leaving Certificate (S.L.C.) was successfully passed out from this school, despite of, only in 2014 B.S. and in 2018 B.S. permission given this school to run as lower secondary and higher secondary level education respectively. Everybody started watching this school as a pride after 73 out of 78 (93.58%) students who attended the S.L.C. exam in 2068 B.S. succeeded/passed.

Despite of many skilled personnel successfully produced from this school, lot of problem still to be solved. This school is in financial trouble after introduction of higher secondary school in 2069 B.S. Recruitment of Teachers and staffs from the private resources lead to further financial trouble due to this additional financial burden. This school has now five buildings. Despite of 60 ropanis of land belong to this school, no benefit could be generated.

At present, approximately 500 students are enrolled in this school with the help of 23 teachers and 2 supporting staff. 30 students are enrolled in Education and Management level. In order to increase the education standard, organized library, computer lab, science lab and education materials are not enough. This school is running with its own problems of such difficulties and waiting for cooperation to work forward for the betterment of the education standard.